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1, What colour socks are you wearing right now?
- Grey
2, Where do you see your self in 5 years?
- A pub more than likely.
3, How soon is now?
- The Smiths
4, D&D or WOW? And why!!
- WOW - less effort to get people together to play!
5, Buffy, Faith, Cordelia or Drew?
- Drew - Great character and mad as a bicycle.

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ubuntu + xgl + beryl

finally got a linux install working - and im loving it. just need to get Cedega and then i think im done.

if anyone knows any good ubuntu friendly firefox plugins to view embedded .wmv files, please let me know..

neil out
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Nothing much new

Today i got some good news... job interview at the end of the month. ive been shortlisted as one of two candidates from 35(ish).

Pay is £20K PA. I hope to god the interview goes well.

That is all.

being prodded with a pitchfork

Good evening all

decided i had better update again. Nothing major has happened since the last update, other than spending too much money as always but it has been very worth it. I spend most of the bank holiday weekend with Stacey, which was great as always. Since i got the new car i have been doing plenty of travelling, which included a bank holiday monday trip to richmond with stacey to see my gran at the caravan. we ended up with pretty much all of the close family on my mams side there, which was a bit mad due to space and half that number being expected.

also had an excellent sunday dinner courtesy of staceys mum, i did manage to finish it all but it nearly killed me.

recent purchases include a new computer which is nice and shiney, got a 19" TFT which is also all good. Obviously had to buy some new games for it, so got Godfather and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, both of which are recommended.

work is going same old as normal, just plodding along nicely.

*huggles to stacey*

Soon to be the second date

After the success that was last weekend, and the stress ive had at work i decided i was in need of a couple of days holiday. This has been timed to coincide with Teh Beevoir being away in Portugal. So i take monday and tuesday off, and soldier up to newcastle to see my honey for a few more days.

I had to scrap the car last week in preperation for getting the new one, so im currently transportless which makes travelling an issue, but it will all be good soon when i get my new car.

This weekend is planned to be much merriment, and i hopefully will meet a couple of Staceys friends, and her a couple of mine. There is much wine, cigarettes and cuddles planned for the next few days, and i cant say i havent been looking forward to it since last week.

In other good news, its payday tomorrow and not a moment too soon. Means we can get more shopping in the house and hopefully i will make money last a little longer this month.

If i can think of anything of more interest i will edit later.

Take care all

Bains out.

love you babes xxx

Saturday, and the date

So, where to start?

as you may or may not know, i had a big date planned on saturday with Stacey. I was quite nervous about it, and had no idea what i was meant to be doing. So i just had to give it my best and make sure there was plenty of drink to hand. Luckily Stacey is so easygoing that any nerves i had were gone in minutes, leaving just good fun and talk.

The day started off with a meeting and a dare at about half eleven in the morning. Id told Stacey i wasnt going to speak to her before i had kissed her, so thats how the day started and went uphill from there. It certainly broke the ice. The way we got on, it felt like we had been friends for years. Its not often i click that easily with someone.

A quick walk to the newsagents for some cigarettes and we were on our way. For a bit of chat time we wandered around newcastle smoking cigarettes and stopping to sit and talk more every now and again. After aimlessly heading in a circle we found a pub near grainger street and settled down for a more comfortable chat. I had a couple of pints and Stacey went for red wine, but then switched onto white due to there being no more of that red wine left in the pub.

I guess we were getting on really well at this point, as some random in the pub asked us when we were getting married. I was going to try and explain that we had only just met, but settled with "we havent set a date" as i couldnt see a half hour conversation with random madman being good entertainment.

The lack of food at this point and being so early in the day affected us both, and a little further walk was suggested to air alcohol away. This turned into a longer than expected walk past the Gate and through chinatown. We found a great pub there which was much more modern and comfy than the previous, so we settled there for the afternoon.

Stacey offered to get the food as i got the previous drinks, and we both ordered a Ham and Mustard baguette. This went down really well, and soon more wine was to be had by all.

About half five we decided it was time to leave, and pick up more wine on the way back to staceys for a comfortable evening infront of a couple of films. After getting the metro back towards Byker, we tried to find somewhere to get some drink and the only place available was Morrisons, which was halfway back to the town. After walking there, we picked up a couple of bottles of wine, more cigarettes and some drink for Staceys mum, being as im a random guy staying in her house i wanted to show my appreciation. Morrisons being far to far to walk back in the rain, we got a taxi back which was only a couple of quid. Much better than being completely soaked by the time we got in.

After arriving at the house we got a cup of coffee to get rid of the remaineder of the cold and the alcoholness, and settled down for a chat with Staceys mam. We also got on quite well, shes great fun to chat to and had me laughing most of the time i was there. I dont think i have ever laughed as much in one weekend, especially not with just one persons company mostly.

With more wine a flowing, the films never did get watched. Just settled down to chat and drink wine for the night, with good music playing in the background. And so this continued until about 6pm on sunday, when it was time for me to leave. It was very odd, felt that i was so welcome at Staceys that id been there loads before, like it was a regular thing. At some point in the afternoon Stacey did a tarot card reading for me, and the majority of the cards pointed towards money, and the ones that didnt pointed to business venture success. I normally take that with a pinch of salt, but if someone wants to give me money its very welcome. Im very much looking forward to going back, as ive been asked if i will go back to stay next weekend. This is very much a plan.

Im looking forward to a lot more weekends like this one, everything so relaxed and casual, no stupid arguments or huffs and also being able to hold an intelligent conversation is a new thing. All in all, things are good.

Four pound of piggins please.


update time

Greetings all,

i figured that i had better update at some point, even though ive been mainly devoid of content. Im starting to feel more generally happy with myself now, and settling down to life in leeds. I feel like i have a routine now rather than just wandering along, although its been a massive change from what i had been accustomed to.

work is going well so far, but still no sign of a bonus scheme in place which is starting to grate on me a little bit, since everyone else in the company has a bonus scheme apart from myself and phil.

had an awesome weekend just gone, spent some time with mel and jonas, was good to meet up with them both and then i drove back home and went to the shaws house, and got quite quite drunk on bacardi.

Im starting to become atleast somewhat competent at finding my way around leeds, and the more i get to know the more its starting to feel like home. I have hit been concentrating on the idea of starting fencing, and continuing tai-chi as i need something to do to keep out the house, and both of these will give me some form of physical exercise and ive had a distinct lack of that for too long.

Love life is still pretty much a shambles, but thats just how things are. Atleast other things are looking up.
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